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With the leaps in technology over the past decade the collection of vast amounts of data have been made possible. Unfortunately the mainstream Business Intelligence software providers have been slow to meet the challenge of providing tools to make efficient use of this treasure trove of information. As a result, making use of the collected information is still a daunting and cumbersome task.

With improved computing and software the consumers of this data still spend countless hours extracting it from business systems, moving it into spreadsheets or local database applications to provide analysis. What's worse is that this is true even if a traditional Business Intelligence system is available.
Traditional BI solutions are structured with pre-configured reports which don't provide the level of detail or flexibility required by end business users. Development cycles for new or existing reports tend to be weeks and months in duration instead of hours or days. Some BI tools may only provide data from a specific business system forcing the user to extract data from disparate business systems. Mashups' of data are accomplished outside of their enterprise reporting systems as a result. These Mashups' require the use of spreadsheets or local databases applications to consolidate the data for analysis and reporting.

If your'e looking for a solution that will end the spreadsheet cycle, we can help!
Baksa Consulting provides business reporting, analysis and self service BI solutions using Qlik. Qlik allows easy consolidation of data between multiple business systems providing a central point of entry for business users. Users can easily drill through data with just a mouse Qlik. Development times using Qlik tend to be days and weeks VS. weeks and months as demonstrated in most traditional BI solutions.

For more information on the how we can help you free up countless hours spent generating single use analysis solutions contact us at info@baksaconsulting.com
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